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Our life on earth is very short but our expectations are infinite. Everyone wants to be happy in his life by utilizing this short span of time and by spending his limited resources sincerely. Money and materials that are essential to lead our everyday life plays a pivotal role to make our life successful to a great extent. Without proper financial management, you cannot be rich and happy in life. Here lies the great importance of being frugal to live happily in worldly life. A proverb goes that “ Waste not, want not.” Frugal is an adjective that defines not being wasteful and avoiding casual expenditure irrespective of money and anything else which is to be consumed. Frugal living indicates a lifestyle that is concerned with the economical management of all resources. If you are determined to be happy in life by avoiding waste, the followings are the 10 simple ways to live frugally and be happy:

1. Be honest with yourself

“Honesty is the best policy” is a universal proverb. To speak frankly, without being honest, you will never be happy in life. So to live frugally and be happy in life, you must practice honesty in all walks of life. As frugality directly connects with honesty, without being honest, it is probably impossible to be frugal.

2. Manage your time Carefully

There is a proverb-“Time and tide wait for none.” Besides this, in our modern world, it is said that ‘Time is Money.’ So to be happy in life largely depends on the proper utilization of time. Because productive time has the power to produce money.

3. Spend on the joyous things

To live frugally does not mean to deprive yourself of all joyous things rather you should invest in that subjects what will bring peace and success in your life. For example, if you want to lead a business, investing to take some courses in the respective field to increase your skill is not a waste of money and time. Likewise, it is not a waste when you go on a personal or family tour to refresh your mind to remove monotony. Because this traveling will remove your monotony and improve your productivity on works so far.

4. Stop being a mindless consumer

I think that showing off anything does not bring something good to anyone’s life. Rather it will lead you to unhealthy competition with the so-called fashionable society. Your next hood neighbor, for example, may buy a luxurious car, house, and other pompous kinds of stuff, and if you feel jealousy that you need like those, this might make you an unstable and mindless consumer. So to be happy in life, you should stop being a mindless consumer.

5. Be kind to yourself and others

Frugality does not mean that you’ll hide yourself in the four walls of your house or you’ll not spend time with your nearest and dearest one. Also, it does not mean that you’ll not take good meals or you’ll not spend money on your family and relatives properly. Rather you can do all expenditures in all those matters stated-above with a frugal nature. This frugal habit makes you kind to yourself and others by the end of the day.

6. Be careful of your resource use

Always be careful of using your domestic resources. For example, you have to ensure the proper usage of your light, fan, AC, room heater, gas stove, TV, computer, water taps, shower, and other energy-consumed products.

7. Buy second-hand good items

Buying second-hand products could be another good option to save money. Sometimes, you can find premium quality products at a cheaper rate in the second sites or shops, while these brand-new products have a higher value in the traditional markets. Though buying second-hand products could be considered as shameful to some parts of your so-called sophisticated society, by getting used to this habit can save your money, and this frugality can make you happy.

8. Use subscriptions and coupons if necessary

In this age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, many e-commerce sites like,, and many national and international shopping sites are giving you subscription and coupon offers. By using this offer option, you can save your hard-earned money. In this way, you can live a frugal life and lead a happy life.

9. Reduce unnecessary expenditure

One thing you should bear in mind that it is not inferior to spend your money to buy your necessary items. But it is worthless when you are influenced by neighbors or friends to invest in such things which truly provide no value in your life but waste. By reducing unnecessary expenditure, you can live frugally and become happy.

10. Sell worthless items

Selling the products you no longer use can sometimes give you extra cash. You can sell your used belongings on second-hand sites like eBay. Your household’s useless/oldest items might go to the dustbins or to other places that can make dirty your house as well as pollute the environment. But as a frugal and conscious citizen, you have a responsibility to protect the environment alongside keeping your own house clean. In such a way, frugality makes you a sensible citizen and ensures your happy living.

The Bottom Line

These are the 10 simple ways to live frugally and be happy. The Ukraine-Russia war has brought a negative impact on the overall economy of the world. In this time of fiscal crisis, frugal living can play an excellent role to live happily. Sometimes, many of us consider frugal people as stingy. But it is absolutely a misconception. The difference between frugality and stinginess is far more. A frugal man/woman is never a miser, rather he/she always remains cautious to spend his resources properly instead of avoiding waste. On the other hand, a stingy man/woman feels hesitant to spend his money or resources to meet up his/her basic demands in spite of being rich. Rather he/she always is worried about increasing his assets depriving himself/herself of all worldly happiness. Unlike a stingy and a spendthrift people, a frugal people lead a happy and honorable life in the society to a great extent.