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Walmart is one of the biggest and most popular online shopping centers in the USA. It is widely known for providing its customers with a diverse collection of products at comparatively lowest prices. Are you a frugal woman/mom who wants to save money in all your Walmart shopping? And looking for a reliable online resource to have authentic guidelines about Walmart hacks. I’m going to show you 15 Walmart hacks which are as follows:

1. Use The Walmart App To Catch Savings

Modern science and technology have made the shopping easy, more comfortable, and modest prices than ever before. Walmart is giving extra advantages by developing an app for its customers. By downloading this app on your phone you can avail of this opportunity to a great extent. By shopping through Walmart app, you will be always updated with their discount offer and other key alerts that process can help you to save money.

2. Use Ibotta To Get Cash Back

Ibotta is an app that has partnered with Walmart to provide you with a cashback offer in your every shopping. So if you want to lead a frugal life, Ibotta can play an important role to accelerate your savings.

3. Get A Pickup Discount

When you choose pickup over delivery, Walmart can give you a discount offer on a few items that are only available online. Although this pickup discount isn’t substantial, it can add up when you consider the shipping fees you’ll also save.

4. Shop The Store Brand

Many items are sold under Walmart’s Great Value brand. Shopping from Walmart Store-brand items can give you the same facilities as name-branded products. From my point of view, you should not be overwhelmed by only glamorous packaging branded products, instead, you can be financially more benefited shopping with store-brand products while prevailing standard quality.

5. Use Competitors’ Coupons For Massive Savings

You must have heard this hack that by bringing in competitors’ coupons at the register can save you some money. Walmart now accepts its competitors’ coupons for providing its customers with massive savings. So you can get this offer by using these coupons.

6. Use Digital Coupons To Save A Bundle

This is an important hack you should know that using digital coupons can save a bundle. For digital purchases, Walmart offers a great selection of special coupons which help their customers to save bulk.

7. Ask For A Markdown On Unmarked Items

If you see any unmarked items or prices not given properly, ask for an employee to mark them down. Sometimes, you can buy those items at a lower price. In this case, you must place deal with this matter in a friendly manner.

8. Buy Damaged Items And Save A Bundle

Sometimes, you can save a bundle by buying some damaged items because Walmart offers a remarkable discount on its damaged items. Though these items seem to have a little bit of dented, they often can retain the same quality.

9. Discounted Meat & Bread

You can get a discount of up to 50% if you look for taking the chance to buy meat and bread at the eleventh hour of the expiration date. So keep an eye on the bakery items’ day-old section to save up to 50% off, and for meat items, check the markdown price in the evening.

10. Avoid Year-Round Produce, Buy seasonal

Always keep in mind that you can save more by purchasing seasonal fresh fruits and vegetable items from Walmart. So avoid year-round product items because these can cost you a lot as well as confirm less wholesome.

11. Free Baby Welcome Boxes

To have a free baby welcome box is a great offer from Walmart if you are taking a gigantic step into parenthood. As per the recipients, this gift box contains diapers, bottles, pacifiers, nursing pads, wipes, etc. So to avail of this offer, you must enter the Baby Box Page of Walmart and insert all of your required information. Walmart will deliver this free baby welcome box to your home completely free.

12. Get Money Back From Price Drops

It’s an excellent hack for Walmart shopping to get your money back from price drops. Suppose, if you buy a product on Monday but after two days on Thursday you will see that the price of the product you bought has dropped, by showing the sales receipt to the Walmart authority, you can get back the payment of the difference to you. This hack exists for up to 7 days.

13. Go Grocery Shopping in The Morning

Some studies show that by going for shopping at Walmart early in the morning around 8:00 am, you can buy the previous day’s meat at the lowest prices. So try it out to wake up early in the morning for shopping in Walmart and this process might make you healthy as well as wealthy.

14. Holiday Items Are Insanely Cheap After The Holiday

Another money-saving hack of Walmart is that you can buy holiday items comparatively at the lowest price after the holiday. This is a great time for shopping for a frugal woman in the post-holiday period because this time prices are markdown. If you buy any holiday item just after the holiday, you will get 50% pay off and 3 days later after the holiday, you can get up to 90% discount.

15. Go For Gluten Free Items

Gluten-free items are Walmart’s best value brand product items. In these items, Walmart makes great discount offer to its customers. So, it’ll be the wisest decision to go shopping in Walmart for gluten-free products to obtain massive savings.

Bottom Line

I think every man and woman in the world wants to lead a happy and prosperous life. To ensure this, it is important for you to maintain a successful frugal life. The 15 Walmart shopping hacks mentioned above can help you to save your hard-earned money effectively and bless you with a prosperous solvent life to a large extent. So, if you are a Walmart shopper, you should know these 15 effective hacks to increase your savings.