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Find the best 11 kitchen cleaning hacks that will make your kitchen life easier and looks your kitchen neat & clean always. It is normal to get dirty in the kitchen when cooking. Today I will show you how you can easily clean your kitchen. To keep your kitchen clean, you have to clean all the accessories of the kitchen such as kitchen floor, tiles, wall, kitchen sink, stove, oven, nonstock pans, cans, cups, grinder, towel, etc. Here, I will discuss all the the things. So let’s start without delay.

1. Cleaning Gas Stove

To clean the kitchen stove you first need to make a homemade liquid. To make it you will need a quantity of liquid dish wash, three to four teaspoons of vinegar, half to one teaspoon of baking soda, and a quantity of water. Mix this mixture well. Then insert it into a spray bottle. Spread this spray on the stove you are going to clean. Spray more on areas where there are more stains or more dirt. Now keep rubbing with a Brush. Then wipe the stove with a soft towel. After a while you will see that all the stains in your stove are gone and the stove is clean with new shine.

2. Cleaning Hand Mixer and Oil Brush

Hand Mixers and Oil Brushes are usually not easily cleaned with liquid dish wash. Some of these dirt remains inside. So to clean all these things you need to follow the procedure. Put water in a pan and put it on the stove and boil it well, put some Savlon or Dettol in it, then put a tablespoon of dish wash inside it. Okay, now it is ready to clean your hand mixer. Now put your hand mixer and oil brush inside it. Shake it with your hands for a while and you will see that all the dirt inside it has been cleaned and it has become like new.

3. Cleaning Kitchen Towels

Put your dirty kitchen towel inside the hot liquid we made above to clean the kitchen towel. Stir well for about two to three minutes. Then remove from there and wash with clean water. Your kitchen towel is completely brand new and clean.

4. Cleaning Kitchen Tiles

Make this mixture to clean all the tiles on the wall and floor of the kitchen. One teaspoon of baking soda, one teaspoon of vinegar, and liquid dish wash. Mix these three well and sprinkle it on your tiles. Wipe clean with a soft towel for a while. If you clean the tiles this way, there will be no mosquitoes, flies or ants. In addition, your tiles will be germ-free.

5. Pressure Cooker’s Whistle Cleaning

There are many black spots on the whistle of a pressure cooker which is a very difficult task to clean. However, if you use this method, you will be able to clean it well in a few minutes. Sprinkle baking soda on the whistle of the pressure cooker where there are black spots and sprinkle lemon juice on it. Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. Then rub it well with an old brush. You will see that all your stains are gone and your pressure cooker’s whistle is much cleaner.

6. Clean Electric Induction Stove

Electric induction stoves are found in almost every home. It is very comfortable to use but very difficult to clean. There is a lot of dirt on the bottom and on both sides. It needs to be cleaned thoroughly with a toothbrush with a mixture of vinegar, liquid dish wash, and baking soda. Remove dirt from the inside of the induction stove with a toothpick. If you thoroughly clean the mixture on the stove for two to three minutes, your stove will be almost as clean as new. Finally wipe well with a towel. Keep in mind is that you have to keep the electric power line open while cleaning the electric induction stove.

7. Clean Nonstick Pan

The most commonly used item for cooking in the kitchen is the nonstick pan. Prolonged use can reduce the shinning looks of the product. If you want to keep the nonstick pan like new all year round then you need to clean it well regularly. Take any toothpaste, put vinegar on it. With a soft tissue, apply the toothpaste and vinegar mixture well in a nonstick pan. Rub well with tissue for a while. You will see that your oily feeling is gone and your nonstick pan has become like a shiny new one.

8. Cleaning Mixer Grinder

Almost everyone knows how difficult it is to clean a mixer grinder. Especially the dirt on the bottom and inside of the machine stays almost all the time. Take water in a bowl to clean it. Add in the amount of vinegar, liquid dish wash, and baking soda. Mix well to make a mixture. Now clean the inside of the machine with a fork and a cotton cloth. If you move it for two to four minutes, all the dirt inside you will be cleaned and it will look like new. Then apply the mixture on both sides and around the machine with a brush and clean it thoroughly. Finally wipe with a tissue or towel.

9. Keep the Bottom of the Gas Stove Clean

During cooking, various things fall under the gas oven and become dirty. Put a newspaper under the gas stove to keep it clean. This will help keeping the whole area below your stove clean.

10. Cleaning Kitchen Cans

The kitchen has a variety of small and large cans. Some have sugar, some have salt, some have turmeric, some have spices, some have other things. These cans become dirty after a few days and an oily feeling falls on them. You have  to clean it thoroughly with a soft towel with baking soda, vinegar, and liquid dish wash.

11. Cleaning Kitchen Cups

We like to have tea or coffee every day. Eating coffee every day results in dark spots under the coffee cup. And a lot gets dirty. Take a small amount of baking soda and vinegar to clean it. Then apply a tissue to the bottom of the cup and rub for a while. Then wash the cups with water. Okay, your cup is as clean as new.

I hope you like these above kitchen cleaning tips and you will be benefited a lot by following my tips.