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Women like to wear jewelry to display their beauty to their dearest and nearest ones. Besides, ladies take great care of jewelry items. Females spend a lot of money on jewelry, and as time passes, it loses its luster. They should appear just as they did when they were brand new. With these everyday items, cleaning them at home is now simple. My 5 jewelry cleaning hacks can give you the right way you clean the pieces of jewelry you have. These are as follows:

1. Ketchup will polish your tarnished silver

You may entirely alter your drab silver (jewelry or otherwise) by adding this favorite culinary sauce to more than just burgers and fries. Put the object in a dish of ketchup, cover it, and let it sit for five to ten minutes. Be careful not to overcook it; the acid from the tomatoes and vinegar may ruin it. After removing the jewelry, carefully clean the paste with an old toothbrush before washing it off with warm water. Apply it after it has been dried!

2. Beer brings back the shine to solid gold

Give your gold some life again by gently rubbing it with a little beer on a clean towel. There are only a few things you should remember: Make sure your jewelry is made of pure gold or gold plating without any jewels and use any other type of beer instead of black ale.

3. Vodka makes your diamonds dazzle

It’s good to know that one of our favorite drinks, vodka, can restore the luster of hard stones like diamonds or crystal rhinestones, even though we prefer to just sip it. Just squirt some vodka onto a white towel and wipe the jewelry all over. If the accessories are very soiled, you may also spin them around in a glass of vodka before wiping them down. Furthermore, vodka will make your eyeglasses sparkle.

4. Window cleaner safely wipes away the grime

Spray Windex or another window cleaner liberally on any metal jewelry or anything containing hard gemstones like diamonds or rubies. Then use an old toothbrush to clean the dirt and filth away. Finally, use a clean towel to remove the jewelry.

5. Try Toothpaste as the ultimate all-purpose jewelry cleaner

Interestingly, toothpaste may be used to polish just about everything in your jewelry box—pearl-free items excluded. Scrub your worn-out silver, gold, or gemstone jewelry with a little paste and an old toothbrush. Remove all of the paste by rinsing a clean towel in warm water.

The Bottom Line

Is there a woman out there who doesn’t enjoy jewelry? But relatively few ladies are aware of how to properly and quickly clean their jewelry. The five incredible jewelry-cleaning hacks described above, in my opinion, might be helpful to everybody. So go for it right away!!!