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A good vase is hard to come by. They are either priced too high or don’t have the right look that you are hunting for. Instead of wasting your time, going from shop to shop in search of something that isn’t right for you, why not make your own? With the instructions below you can easily make a flower vase.


  1. First, take a balloon and begin to inflate it to a size of your choosing. Though, it is best to inflate it to around a size that can fit in your palm. Take glue and begin to cover the exterior of the balloon with it. Don’t apply glue to the top of the balloon, where the knot is. Paste newspaper clippings onto the areas covered in glue. Once the entire balloon has been covered in paper, let it dry and settle.
  2. Using scissors or any sharp object, pop the balloon and gently pull it out. You should be left with something that resembles a vase, using scissors, cut one inch off the rim. We are aiming for a smooth and equal entrance.
  3. Flip the paper vase around and using your fingers, gently push in the center bottom of the vase. This is so that it can have a flat surface, which will make it easy to stand on its own.
  4. Take plaster and mix it with water. Quickly proceed to dump your plaster into the paper vase and then spin the vase so that the entire inside is coated with the plaster. Let it sit for two hours. After two hours repeat step four again and let it sit one more time for two hours.
  5. Using water and sandpaper, scrape off all of the newspaper from our plaster vase. Using a protractor and a pencil, draw two circles onto a large piece of Styrofoam. The inner-circle will have a radius of 13.5 cm and then the outer circle will extend 2.5 cm past that. Proceed to cut out both circles.
  6. Cut the edges off of the remaining Styrofoam, making a big square, and fit your cut-out circles into place within the square. Glue the entire backside of the square and stick it onto another piece of square Styrofoam. Only cut out the outer circle, and leave the inner circle in the middle. You should have what looks like an island with a moat around it. Pour plaster into the moat around the island.
  7. After two hours, break your plaster ring out of the Styrofoam. Remove the inner circle and using water and sandpaper, smooth the edges of the plaster ring. Place your plaster ring onto your plaster vase and fill the top and bottom gaps with more plaster. Be sure to scrape off any excess plaster. Sand it down with sandpaper.
  8. Paint the flower vase with an acrylic color of your choice and paint the ring with a metallic color of your choice. Apply varnish to the vase and use acrylic paint to continue decorating the vase.

Ta-Daa! You now have your very own homemade flower vase.