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Lanterns are lovely decorations and can light up any room or add character to any space! Constructing a beautiful lantern with wool or yarn is quite effortless and inexpensive and can be completed with just a few supplies that most households already have tucked into cabinets. The only materials needed to make these exquisite orbs are a colorful ball of yarn or wool, a balloon, and some glue.

Here are the instructions on how to easily create yarn lanterns!

  1. First, pour some glue into a bowl. Add a little water to it to give it a nice, liquid consistency.
  2. Grab a ball of yarn or wool and dip it into the glue. Coat the ball of yarn or wool entirely in the glue by spinning it around in the bowl.
  3. Next, wrap the glue-coated yarn around a balloon, one string at a time. The end of the ball of yarn should be wrapped around the tied knot of the balloon first. Once completed, the yarn will look like it has been weaved in a criss-cross pattern across the balloon.
  4. Let the glue dry for a minimum of twenty-four hours.
  5. Once the glue is dry, separate the yarn from the balloon. Grab a pencil and tap the eraser onto the balloon in between the strands of yarn. This will cause the yarn to loosen.
  6. Cut the knotted end of the balloon with a pair of scissors. The balloon will deflate, and the yarn will slide right off.
  7. Take a new, uninflated balloon and stick it inside the bundle of glued yarn. Inflate the balloon inside of the yarn. Do not tie the balloon.
  8. The yarn will now have a round shape, so remove the balloon that was just inflated inside the yarn.
  9. Take another strand of yarn and tie it in between one of the patterns of the yarn bundle. This will create a string to hang the lantern.
  10. Hang the lantern! Tie it anywhere by looping the loose yarn strand several times to ensure that it does not fall.
  11. Add LED lights to the lantern if desired. They can be hung without lights as well.

This fun project is not only simple but allows plenty of room for individual creativity. Utilize different colors of yarn, add lights to some and keep others unlighted, tie the glue-coated string around the balloon in unique patterns, and inflate balloons to different volumes to create mismatched lanterns. The possibilities are endless, and the final result is an attractive addition to the indoor or outdoor of any house, yard, or other gathering space!