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Everyone knows cleaning your house is a big part of maintaining a healthy and hygienic lifestyle. However, many people find the task daunting or not on their priority list. To get in the habit of keeping your home tidy, here are 11 daily habits that Keep your house clean without much work!

1. Make your bed

When you make your bed every morning, it feels much better to be in a neatly made bed. Your bed is your little zone of privacy, and if you can make it a pretty place daily, you’ll have a much happier life.

2. Stay on top of the laundry

The first thing you can do to keep your clothes clean is to take the sheets from your bed and put them in the laundry. You can then go around the house picking up dirty clothes and putting them in a basket for you or someone else to throw into the wash.

3. Create a weekly cleaning schedule

When you create a weekly cleaning schedule, staying organized and ensuring the house is always clean during those specified times will become much more manageable. You can pick any time out of the day that works best for you and use it to schedule all of your chores.

4. Declutter every day

If you want to maintain a clean house, you must make sure you’re removing all the clutter regularly. You can declutter every day. Try bringing a bit of order into your life so that you only have the things that matter.

5. Clean dishes after the meal

If you don’t want to constantly wash the dishes before you even eat, try and remember to do them after eating. It will keep your kitchen clean and make it much harder for bacteria to build up on the dishes.

6. Go through your fridge daily

You should check your fridge daily to ensure that all of your food is at the right temperature and that all the leftovers are gone before anything wrong can happen.

7. Put everything back in its place

Don’t let any messy items sit in the house. If they’re dirty, then they should be taken outside and washed there. Just do it daily, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly your home can start to look cleaner and organized.

8. Sweep your floor daily

It would be best if you swept your floor regularly to remove any dirt and dust that has made its way into your house. You can sweep or vacuum every day; ensure you’re getting rid of all the tiny dirt particles that can build up in your home.

9. Take out the trash

If you want to keep your house clean, you have to ensure that you are getting rid of all your trash. Take it out daily and ensure it’s in the garbage can so nothing gets left behind.

10. Clear your countertop

If you have any used plates or glasses lying around your kitchen, then clear them out. You don’t want them lying around with food stuck to them, and they can be a breeding ground for mold.

11. Use doormats

If you want your house to stay clean, you should put down some doormats outside your front door. It will stop dirt from getting tracked into your house and ensure that no one can walk off with any bags or sharp objects.

Make sure you practice these 11 habits, and before long, you’ll have a beautifully clean house without even having to think about it.