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Recycling waste made of plastic, such as used mineral water bottles is still very small. We can contribute to reducing the plastic waste, one of which is by making items that can be used every day. One of them is making a flower vase, which is definitely beautiful for home decoration. Let’s see how to make it.


  • 1.5 litre mineral water bottle
  • Cardboard box
  • Small Rope Reel
  • Glue Shoot
  • 4 small wire length @37.5 cm
  • 2 small wire length @42.5 cm
  • Copper wire
  • Paper tape
  • Small tape

How to make:

  • Prepare a 1.5 L mineral water plastic bottle, and clean the label.
  • Cut the bottle body about 10-15 cm from the top of the bottle
  • Cut the mouth of the bottle too
  • Clean with a tissue from the remnants of water
  • Prepare thick cardboard or cardboard, print a circle of bottle caps on the cardboard and cut out
  • Put glue gun on the cardboard circle, then stick it to the mouth of the bottle
  • Take a small rope, then form a circle until it is the size of the cardboard circle on the bottle cap.
  • Attach the rope with glue to the cardboard circle.
  • Continue to form a rope throughout the bottle by giving glue in each circle so that it sticks
  • After the body of the plastic bottle is covered with rope, cut the rope and trim it, it will form like a bowl,
  • Do the same with the other 3 plastic bottles and set them aside
  • Take 2 small wires measuring 37.5 cm, put them together with tape, then wrap a small rope along the wire, it will form like a rod. (make 3 sets with sizes 2×37.5 cm and 1×42.5cm)
  • Next take the copper wire and double-sided tape. Make a circle out of copper wire about the size of a circle of paper tape, holding it together with masking tape
  • Wrap the circle of wire with rope, attach it with glue
  • Take 3 sticks (no. 12), unite the three by tying them with a rope, bend them out so that they can become a pedestal.
  • Put circle no. 13 in the middle of the pedestal and glue. Form in such a way the foot pedestal into a form that fits and strong.
  • Stretch the rod over the pedestal
  • Arrange a bowl made of used bottles (No. 10) on the stem, attaching it with glue.
  • Fill it with beautiful plastic plants, ready to be a decoration of your room.

Making crafts from used bottles is actually not too difficult with easily available materials. Reduce waste in a fun way.