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Did you know that you can save a penny by just making your own floor puff? Let me show you how to create a DIY floor puff or large cushion for your living room.

Floor Puffs or others call it dirty floor pillows are super popular right now. You can see a lot of different colors and designs at any home furnishing shops. But this time, let me show you how to be hands-on and save money in making your own floor puffs instead of spending hundreds of dollars to buy one. Let’s get started.


  1. Grab a 180 x 140 cm piece of fabric (this is for the upholstery).
  2. Fold it in half.
  3. On each side, fold it as well.
  4. When the two sides are folded, mark a 40 cm and using a compass ruler, and then create a round shape.
  5. Now, you have two sides folded and marked with a round shape with the diameter of 40 cm. Pin the fabric to secure the round shape, then, cut.
  6. When finished cutting, you have now two pieces of round shaped fabric with 80 cm diameter.
  7. Let’s go back to the remaining fabric. To do this, join the 2 pieces of fabric and mark with the measurement of 128.5 cm by 30 cm.
  8. Secure with pins to cut it straight. Now, you have two pieces of this rectangular fabric.
  9. Secure both sides with a pin leaving a 1 cm seam.
  10. You can start sewing. You can also reinforce it by sewing a double seam.
  11. Going back to the round fabric, fold it in half and use a fabric marker to mark the center on both sides. Then secure with pins.
  12. Grab the rectangular fabric, which we double-seamed a while ago, and pin it all together, starting with the marked side of the circle. Leave a 1 cm around the round fabric before sewing. (Just do this for the one side only. We will leave the other side open so that we can put it with fillers later).
  13. When finished, you can now do the same steps for the remaining round fabric.
  14. Mark the center and join at the seams leaving 1 cm. Repeat the process of sewing the seams.
  15. After that, let’s go back to the side of the fabric that we left open. Grab some fillers of your choice and put it inside the hole. You can use cut sponge microfibers and cut scrap fabrics to make a cushion.
  16. Once the cushion is full, sew the hole using manual hand sewing. Close the hole by securing it with pins and do the blind stitching technique.
  17. Now that you have the cushion ready, using a ruler, divide the cushion into three parts through the center. 3 parts horizontally and 3 parts vertically. Overall, you will have 9 marked dots.
  18. Flip the cushion upside down and repeat the process.
  19. Using the scrap fabric, create 18 pieces of small rectangular fabric of 1 cm by 1 cm.
  20. Using a needle and strong thread, go through each point of the 9 divisions you marked earlier and go through the piece of fabric and prick it to another side.
  21. Take the needle out and then go through the piece of fabric and go back to another side. Take out the needle again and lock it making 3 to 4 knots.
  22. Repeat the same process for all the remaining 8 marked parts.

There you have it! Your DIY floor puff is now ready to add comfort to your living room. You can make more designs and more colors that complement your interior design.