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Being able to add a personal touch to our homes is everyone’s dream. Styling our living space with our own unique brand shows that we care for our home. Unfortunately, the price of decorations can quickly eat up our budget but worry no more because below are 5 home decorations that you can make right now!

1. Flower Vase Wall Frame

Flower Vase Wall Frame

  1. You will need a cardboard lid, the size is up to you. Begin by painting the back of the cardboard lid with a color of your choosing.
  2. Once the entire back and sides of the lid have been painted, with a gel pen, draw a vase onto the center of the back of the lid. This vase should be as tall as half of the lid. The vase will have black stripes adorning the sides so paint them using a small brush.
  3. Braid several pieces of thin rope. You will need four pieces in total and their length must be equal to the sides of the cardboard lid. Glue them onto the top, bottom, left, and right sides. We are aiming to create an outline using the ropes.
  4. Cut a small opening into the top of the vase painting and stick any flowers of your choice through the opening. On the back, tape the flower stems so that they don’t fall out.
  5. Project complete!

2. Makeup Jar with Lid

Makeup Jar with Lid

  1. Take any plastic container and cut it in half. We will be working with the bottom half. Cut out a cardboard circle that will completely cover the entrance to our container. Take any fabric of your choice and glue it onto your lid and a cardboard strip. Next glue the cardboard strip around the lid.
  2. We now have a decorative lid.
  3. Cover the top of our lid with double-sided tape, then create two long braids using two different colored yarns. Cover the lid and bottom of the jar using tape. Now the bottom and entire lid are decorated with yarn.
  4. Take a yarn ball and tape it onto the centre of the lid.
  5. Using a small paint brush, paint a face onto the centre of the container.
  6. Project complete!

3. Tiny Bicycle Decoration

Tiny Bicycle Decoration

  1. Cut two circles out of cardboard, they should be the size of a small lid. Glue both circles back to back. Using double-sided tape, wrap the entire circle in red yarn. Repeat step one until you have three identical wheels.
  2. Roll a long straw by wrapping a magazine page around a pencil. Cut the tips off and apply double-sided tape to one end. Then wrap red yarn around the entire straw. Cut the straw into multiple smaller pieces.
  3. Create the letter x using two pieces of straw and then glue one in the middle of each wheel.
  4. Take a small cardboard box and wrap the outside with a thin rope. Add a cloth frill to the rim of the box. Glue one wheel on the left and right sides of the box. Use the long straw pieces from before and glue the bottom ends to the sides of the box.
  5. Glue the opposite ends of our long straws onto the final wheel, which will be sticking out. Grab two more straws and glue their ends onto either side of the third wheel. They should be sticking outwards. Glue the tops of these straws and glue them onto a smaller piece. Creating a handlebar.
  6. Glue one final long straw from the bucket to the handlebar.
  7. Wrap a soda cap in string and glue it to the front, decorate with flowers.
  8. Project complete!

4. Decorative Pail-Pen Holder

Decorative Pail-Pen Holder

  1. Using chart paper and a pencil, draw a wide angle that is 27cm across, 8.5cm in height, and 13.5cm from one bottom end to the other.
  2. Cut out your wide angle from the paper. Fold the horizontal edges inward by one inch and then apply double-sided tape onto the edge.
  3. Tape the two ends together. Glue a piece of paper to the bottom to act as flooring.
  4. Use a hole puncher on two tiny pieces of paper and glue them to either end of the cup’s top. Proceed to paint the outside of the cup and then draw any design you wish onto the outside.
  5. Glue flowers onto the top, front of the pail and take a golden string and stick it through each hole of the paper. Tie knots to secure the handle.
  6. Project complete!

5. Flower Bucket

Flower Bucket

  1. Take a small water cup and cut from the top of the cup to the bottom. Repeat this process all around the cup.
  2. Starting at the bottom of the cup, begin weaving a thin rope through the cuts made on the cup. The rope will cover both the inside and the outside.
  3. Take a long string of paper and wrap it fully using a rope. Then stick this rope through the cup on either end. You now have a handle.
  4. Take a beautiful flower and tape it onto the center of your bucket. You can now fill your bucket with flowers.
  5. Project complete!

Wow! Five new decorations to add to our home.