11 Daily Habits that Keep Your House Clean Always

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Everyone knows cleaning your house is a big part of maintaining a healthy and hygienic lifestyle. However, many people find the task daunting or not on their priority list. To get in the habit of keeping your home tidy, here are 11 daily habits that Keep your house clean without much work! 1. Make your bed When you make your bed every morning, it feels much better to be in a neatly made bed. Your bed is your little zone of privacy, and if you can make it a pretty place daily, you'll have a much happier life. 2. Stay [...]

11 Best Kitchen Cleaning Hacks that Make Your Kitchen Life Easier

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Find the best 11 kitchen cleaning hacks that will make your kitchen life easier and looks your kitchen neat & clean always. It is normal to get dirty in the kitchen when cooking. Today I will show you how you can easily clean your kitchen. To keep your kitchen clean, you have to clean all the accessories of the kitchen such as kitchen floor, tiles, wall, kitchen sink, stove, oven, nonstock pans, cans, cups, grinder, towel, etc. Here, I will discuss all the the things. So let's start without delay. 1. Cleaning Gas Stove To clean the kitchen stove you [...]

20 DIY Home Decor Ideas You Can Easily Make

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The attractive DIY projects can probably save you some money and help you develop new skills. Refreshing your home with the designs you created is the best feeling ever. Let’s take a look at these 20 DIY home decor ideas below. 1. Glitter Mason Jar Mason Jars don’t have to be made for just one purpose. To bring them to life, sprinkle them with a little glitter. First, glue the tape to the desired height, apply glue under the tape and sprinkle glitter evenly over the entire surface. 2. T-shirt pillow Almost all of us have a T-shirt that we [...]

5 Easy DIY Home Decor Crafts That You Can Make Right Now

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Being able to add a personal touch to our homes is everyone's dream. Styling our living space with our own unique brand shows that we care for our home. Unfortunately, the price of decorations can quickly eat up our budget but worry no more because below are 5 home decorations that you can make right now! 1. Flower Vase Wall Frame You will need a cardboard lid, the size is up to you. Begin by painting the back of the cardboard lid with a color of your choosing. Once the entire back and sides of the lid have been painted, [...]

How To Make DIY Plastic Bottle Flower Vase

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Recycling waste made of plastic, such as used mineral water bottles is still very small. We can contribute to reducing the plastic waste, one of which is by making items that can be used every day. One of them is making a flower vase, which is definitely beautiful for home decoration. Let's see how to make it. Material: 1.5 litre mineral water bottle Cardboard box Small Rope Reel Glue Shoot 4 small wire length @37.5 cm 2 small wire length @42.5 cm Copper wire Paper tape Small tape How to make: Prepare a 1.5 L mineral water plastic bottle, and [...]

How To Make DIY Pen and Phone Holder from Waste Paper

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Are you looking for a stylish and affordable way to add storage to your desk or other work area? Making your own custom pen and phone holder can be an easy solution to improve the organisation of your work space. But this project does not have to be expensive. Follow the steps below, and you can learn how to make a pen holder and phone holder from waste paper you may already have around your home or office. Supplies Needed: 20-30 sheets of waste paper Cardboard Liquid glue Instructions: Cut a sheet of waste paper into a 10 x 19 [...]

How To Make A Lantern With Yarn – Gorgeous DIY Yarn Orbs

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Lanterns are lovely decorations and can light up any room or add character to any space! Constructing a beautiful lantern with wool or yarn is quite effortless and inexpensive and can be completed with just a few supplies that most households already have tucked into cabinets. The only materials needed to make these exquisite orbs are a colorful ball of yarn or wool, a balloon, and some glue. Here are the instructions on how to easily create yarn lanterns! First, pour some glue into a bowl. Add a little water to it to give it a nice, liquid consistency. Grab [...]

How To Make DIY Moon Star Wall Hanging

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Everyone wants their personal space to stand out. You don't want your room to look generic, you want it to be unique and show a different side of yourself. This is easier said than done without spending large sums of money. But what if you didn't have to lose your money getting that final piece that ties your room together? What if the finishing touch that your room needs could be created with your very own hands? Well, I'm here to show you how you can create an elegant Moon Star Wall Hanging using materials you probably already have. Instructions First, [...]

How To Make DIY Woolen Flower Wall Hanging

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Flowers have always been a mainstay within homes and any living or work space looking to be more personable. That sad reality though, is that flowers die often. It always hurts to see a once vibrant and full of life flower, wilt away before your very eyes. Well, you need not worry anymore because the solution has arrived! Read on to find out how you can make a luxurious and stylish woolen flower wall hanging, right in your very home. Instructions First, take a pencil and proceed to wrap yarn around the pencil. The yarn can be any color of [...]

How To Make DIY Flower Vase With Wool

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Here’s a creative way to make a pretty flower vase with wool. For this project you will need at least two plastic soda bottles approximately 16 ounces each, a piece of cardboard, and two colors of wool yarn – green and yellow. You will also need scissors and hot glue. This project should work up quickly, in 30 minutes or less. Instructions Start with 1 soda bottle – cut off the top and bottom of the bottle. Cut strips from the middle, all about the same size of a half an inch wide. Wrap green wool around strips, covering completely, [...]

How To Make DIY Stylist Flower Vase

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A good vase is hard to come by. They are either priced too high or don't have the right look that you are hunting for. Instead of wasting your time, going from shop to shop in search of something that isn't right for you, why not make your own? With the instructions below you can easily make a flower vase. Instructions First, take a balloon and begin to inflate it to a size of your choosing. Though, it is best to inflate it to around a size that can fit in your palm. Take glue and begin to cover the [...]

How To Create A DIY Floor Puff Or Large Cushion For Your Living Room

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Did you know that you can save a penny by just making your own floor puff? Let me show you how to create a DIY floor puff or large cushion for your living room. Floor Puffs or others call it dirty floor pillows are super popular right now. You can see a lot of different colors and designs at any home furnishing shops. But this time, let me show you how to be hands-on and save money in making your own floor puffs instead of spending hundreds of dollars to buy one. Let's get started. Instructions Grab a 180 x [...]

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